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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive environment designed to instill values, skills, and self-confidence in youth so that they can experience success at every stage of their lives.


We envision that our youth participants will make a successful transition to adulthood as involved citizens and effective leaders who take responsibility for the future of their community; that they will serve as inspirational mentors for the next generation; that those around them will be strengthened by their sense of stability and purpose; and that their inner core of unshakeable values will continue to guide the course of their lives.


Our hope is that every member of our Hilltop Circle team and every program participant has the opportunity to take pride in ‘progress made’ – whether it’s in skill development or in some other area of achievement. The feeling of success that is driven by the encouragement of professionals is powerful motivating factor in a youth’s life.

The relationships we build with our youth are ‘rock solid.’ They know that we ‘have their back’ both now and in the future.

If young people don’t have a chance to dream, they may never be motivated to take steps leading to self-fulfillment. Through our programs, our tours, and our activities, we expand their ‘world view’ so that they can be inspired to dream special dreams and break through boundaries that stand in their way.

We hold integrity as a high priority for both ourselves and our youth participants. This means that the principles of honesty, transparency, dependability, commitment and respect are standards that guide our actions every day.

Positive social interactions are a very important factor in youth development. The team building that takes place on our fields and the stability of the environment we provide serve as a wonderful opportunity for them to interact with each other in a healthy way.

One of our main objectives is helping youth recognize their own value so that their fragile self-esteem and their self-confidence are strengthened. Because many of our youth participants are considered ‘at risk’ or ‘vulnerable,’ we make sure that they have opportunities to take charge of their lives with enthusiasm and optimism. We have faith in them so that they can have faith in themselves!